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Get Moving on those Goals by Eating Elephant Steaks

Few things stop us as much as the start.

Face it: you can set all the goals in the world, but actually taking the first step towards achieving it can be the biggest hurdle of all. Often the goals we set are difficult, complex, or ask us to make tough choices. So we don’t even start.

Here’s a piece of advice that has helped me, and many of my clients, get started on goal attainment: Think of elephants.

Of course…elephants! Elephants??? What about ‘em?

Here’s Elephant Tip #1: Eat elephant steaks. It’s nothing new, and it’s based on the old, old joke, “How do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time!”

I know, I know…not kosher…(the joke OR the elephant).

Think of the goal as an elephant, and then cut that elephant into steaks. Steaks that are substantial enough to be noticed on your plate, but not so big that they choke, stuff or scare you. Then cut that steak into bite-size pieces, and eat one at a time.

Try this approach:

Goal #1: ____________________________________________________________

Elephant Steak 1:______________________________________

    • Bite 1:_______________________________________________________
    • Bite 2:_______________________________________________________

    • Bite 3:_______________________________________________________

Elephant Steak 2:______________________________________

    • Bite 1:_______________________________________________________
    • Bite 2:_______________________________________________________

    • Bite 3:_______________________________________________________

Elephant Steak 3:_____________________________________

    • Bite 1:_______________________________________________________
    • Bite 2:_______________________________________________________

    • Bite 3:_______________________________________________________

…and so on.

Having trouble cutting your elephant into steaks, or your steaks into bites? Ask a friend, family member or someone you trust to help you cut your meat. Just like in the old days!

Wondering what Elephant Tip#2 is? Stay tuned…

Make Your Resolutions “Green Light” Goals

Whether you want to lose weight (again), end a relationship (find a keeper this time!) or get out of debt (more gelt with less guilt?) — your first step is identifying a goal that makes you want to GO towards something.

What? Isn’t that obvious?

Not really. Think about the differences in these goals:

Lose 15 lbs. vs. Feel confident and attractive on the beach next summer
Get out of debt vs. Gain enough financial freedom to buy an apartment or house
Stop working in a dead-end job vs. Find a job that fulfills my professional passions

See the difference?
Green Light Goals give you a clearer picture of where you want to go by creating a compelling, appealing positive vision of a future state.

It works — and I’m not alone in prescribing this. In his book, “Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life”, Alan Deutschman shares decades of scientific evidence that shows that positively reframing life’s challenges can put us in the driver’s seat on a faster track towards goal achievement.

So here’s some coaching homework:

  • Write down 3 goals you have for the New Year
  • Re-write them so that they make you say “Yes! I want to do that!” That’s how you know you have a Green Light Goal
  • Brainstorm the Red Light actions — or inactions — you associate with the Green Light goals (such as “Stop drinking at happy hour” as part of “Feel more attractive at the beach”)
  • Replace those Red Lights actions with new Green Lights (like “Have a wine spritzer or seltzer” instead of “Stop drinking”)
  • Post those Green Light goals and actions someplace where you can see them every day. As Confucius said, “The palest ink is better than the sharpest memory.”

If you need support, try this with a friend, family member, therapist or coach.

And post it here!

A new relationship. A job transition. A healthier habit. No matter what you want to achieve, you need specific and engaging goals, identification of your natural strengths, anticipation of potential roadblocks, and a clear strategy to get you farther faster. My Jewish gives you an interactive, interpersonal, action-oriented process to take your personal and professional life to the next level.

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“Deb has been a respected speaker and facilitator for a number of our JCC conferences over the past few years. While I've heard about her energy, hard work in preparing, and meaningful content, it took her recent keynote speech at our annual JCCs of North America Professional Conference to make me realize what an incredible asset she is. Watching her present a content-filled, energetic, and personalized session -- without using any notes -- was very impressive. Deb is a multi-talented, serious, and impactful presenter."

– Allan Finkelstein, Past President and CEO, JCC Association of North America

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