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Want to learn how to create a culture of trust, create positive lay-professional relationships, deal with difficult people, manage change and more without leaving your desk? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you want to learn on your own or share the learning with your staff, board or whole organization, we have dynamic, interactive webinars ready for you this year.

Laura Honeycutt | My Jewish Coach

How to Persuade Others in Writing
Facilitated by
Laura Honeycutt
January 14, 2016 – 2 PM – 3 PM EST

Influence is the Compass. Persuasion is the Map.

—Joseph Wong

These days, busy professionals rely more on written communication (primarily email) more than ever. We place a huge burden on these written words to convey our message simply, succinctly and compellingly. Yet, most of us probably don’t give these messages the attention they need to deliver the powerful results we want. How do you craft written messages that are noticed, read, and lead to the behavior you intended? In this webinar, you’ll learn the six building blocks of effective persuasive communication, including how to make your messages relevant to your audience, organize for success, and deliver an action-oriented, compelling close.

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“Deb has been a respected speaker and facilitator for a number of our JCC conferences over the past few years. While I've heard about her energy, hard work in preparing, and meaningful content, it took her recent keynote speech at our annual JCCs of North America Professional Conference to make me realize what an incredible asset she is. Watching her present a content-filled, energetic, and personalized session -- without using any notes -- was very impressive. Deb is a multi-talented, serious, and impactful presenter."

– Allan Finkelstein, Past President and CEO, JCC Association of North America

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