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    Want to learn how to delegate without drama, work with teams and committees, develop healthy lay-professional partnerships, use social media more effectively, make smarter decisions, better manage your time and more…RIGHT NOW? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you want to learn on your own or share the learning with your staff, board or whole organization, we have 10 fantastic virtual presentations from a range of experts in non-profit management business, organizational development, and Jewish communal service ready for you to download and view instantly.

    So what are you waiting for? Browse our offerings below and choose what you most need to learn and use today!

    Work-Life Balance for Jewish Professionals and Leaders
    Deborah Grayson Riegel

    There was a time when work stayed at work and home stayed at home, and it was a rare occurrence when the two of them would meet. Today, they don’t just meet—they col­lide! The boundaries between when and where we do our work and when and where we get involved in “life”—family, friends, activities, etc.—is blurry for most of us. On one hand, it can make things convenient. On the other hand, these blurred lines rarely give us the opportunity to turn ourselves “off.” Whether you observe the Sabbath and are “only” available “24/6,” or you observe some other time or way to power down, this session will give you concrete strategies to avoid burnout.


    Managing Change
    Mark Zumwalt

    By definition, change is a process through which something becomes different. As Jewish organizations look toward the future, they will need to plan and prepare for changes in mission, vision, stakeholders, funders, supporters, allies, and more. This can cause anxiety, pain and resistance—and renewed energy, engagement, and commit­ment. In this engaging webinar, you’ll learn how to successfully play an active role in the change process, help build public support for the change, or communicate the change to the public. No matter where you sit in your organization, you have an opportunity to help manage the change process with positivity and passion and create an organization and a community that people want to be a part of.


    How to be an Ambassador for Your Organization
    Orit Ramler Szulik

    Everyone involved with a Jewish organiza­tion is an ambassador—from the mainte­nance staff and the executive director to a hands-on volunteer to the president of the board. Both professionals and volunteers have a tremen­dous and important opportunity to help pro­mote the organization in a positive way and to help maximize its reach, message, and impact. This interactive session will show you some concrete strategies for how to do this.


    Cultivating Positivity at Work
    Noa Peri-Jensch

    Positivity isn’t just a mindset, it’s a skill set. We can all cultivate positivity through the choices we make, the perspectives we choose, the behaviors we engage in, and the conversations we have (as well as those we avoid). In this session, you’ll learn that while it’s not always easy or practi­cal to look for the silver lining in every situ­ation, there are several attitudes and behaviors you can adopt – today – to help to create and maintain a posi­tive workplace that increases engagement, motivation, ownership, and commitment.


    Creating a Culture of Trust
    Deborah Grayson Riegel

    Employee longevity is directly related to a trusting relationship between supervisor and employee. Trust is critical—but it is espe­cially critical when we work for organiza­tions that are responsible for upholding the communal trust as well. It’s easy to build trust, but almost impossible to repair it when it’s broken. In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn what research tells us about the behaviors and attitudes that inspire or erode trust, how to address behaviors in others that violate trust, and how to take small but meaningful steps to build and maintain trust with your professional and volunteer part­ners, donors, members, and the public.


    Creating Happy and Healthy Lay-Pro Partnerships
    Beth Steinhorn, President, JFFixler Group

    Jewish organizations rely on staff and volunteers to get their mission accom­plished. Lay leaders are an integral part of any organization—volunteers bring connec­tions, expertise, history, continuity, and (hopefully) enthusiasm to the partnership—and much more. And of course, volunteer and professional partnerships can be both deeply rewarding and tricky at times. This session will help you focusing on what you both want from the work and the relation­ship, as well as offer practical strategies for common challenges.


    Dealing with Difficult Personalities
    Noa Peri Jensch

    In life, you will meet people that you abso­lutely, positively cannot get along with. Stress skyrockets, frustration mounts, and productivity plummets. No matter what you try, you just can’t seem to get on the same page. Sometimes these conflicts are based on personality differences and other times they’re due to different work methods or values. But here’s a new perspective: If someone is difficult for you to work with, chances are you are also difficult for them to work with. In this engaging webinar that focuses on your real relationships, you’ll learn that while you can’t always pick who you work with, you can use healthy strate­gies that will make these relationships less stressful and more successful.


    Delegate without Drama

    Deborah Grayson Riegel

    If you want something done right, do it yourself! As much as we might feel that way, we know that doing everything ourselves doesn’t develop our employees, puts projects and deadlines at risk; creates unhealthy dependencies, and decreases trust between coworkers, managers and direct reports. When delegation is done strategically rather than emotionally, we can decrease our workloads and our stress loads, focus on doing what we need to be doing, and give others the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.


    DATE YOUR DONORS: How to Attract and Engage a New Generation of Philanthropists
    Jonah Halper

    We live in a digital age where connection and communication is easier than ever. But this comes with a big price; real cultivation and relationship building has become more superficial and less of a priority for our organizations. We need to go back to our roots and connect, engage and inspire a new generation of leaders and donors. Through the lens of courtship, Jonah Halper makes fundraising accessible to everyone, and discusses how to stand out from other organizations and inspire prospective and existing donors to advocate for and support your organization.


    Working Well with Any Generation
    Deborah Grayson Riegel

    Why can’t we all just get along? We can – but in order for the generations to work successfully together, we need to identify the universal and common features that resonate with employees of all generations, as well as work to bridge the perspective gaps that do exist between generations. In this session, participants will come to understand some of the core ways of thinking and operating that each generation brings, and learn strategies to help each generation feel recognized, rewarded and valued.


    Creating Successful Lay/Pro Partnerships
    Donna Schwartz

    Every new relationship or project offers an opportunity to set clear expectations, clarify goals, and co-create a plan for success. In this session, you’ll learn how to “start as you mean to go on” by contracting between lay leaders and professionals for both task and relationship processes and outcomes. A strong start is the best way to finish your project or partnership successfully. Invite your lay or professional partners to join you so that you’re all starting on the same page!


    Passion for Process: How to create Engaging and Successful Committees, Teams, Boards and Collaborations
    Marci Mayer Eisen

    Every time we bring a group of individuals together we have the opportunity to create tremendous impact on the project, the organization, the community and on the participants themselves. This webinar provides a framework that anyone can use to anticipate and successfully respond to inherent challenges in group decision making and community building. Learn specific approaches for deepening commitments, building strong teams, welcoming “healthy conflict”, and accomplishing your mission productively.


    Social Media for Professional Growth: Productive AND Fun
    Lisa Colton

    Facebook and other social media tools can be incredibly valuable for professional growth, problem-solving and productivity. Join us to learn how to use these tools in purposeful, efficient and meaningful ways to add power and quality to your professional life. It’s fun and useful, and may actually save you time. Learn to work in new ways and mature and activate your network.


    Difficult Conversations
    Deborah Grayson Riegel

    When we’re feeling angry, stressed, upset or let down by someone in our work or personal life, we tend to convince ourselves that their intentions were evil while ours were innocent. That’s only the first trap that we fall into that makes resolving any issue more challenging than it has to be. In this session, which draws from Difficult Conversations, Fierce Conversations and other interpersonal communication and conflict books, you will learn the common traps of challenging conversations, how to set the tone to make a tough talk less stressful, how to create ground rules and guidelines so that future conversations can be less heated, and concrete strategies for managing your own anger and anxiety around difficult conversations.


    18 Minutes to Find Your Focus
    Peter Bregman

    We squander a tremendous amount of our potential – and organizations waste a tremendous amount of their people’s potential – by focusing on the wrong things or not following through on real priorities. It’s not that people don’t try hard enough, it’s that their efforts don’t reap the benefits they could.
    Drawing from his book, 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done, Peter sets out the new, simple rules for leading in a way that brings focus to an organization and makes the best use of everyone’s talents.


    From Abraham’s Tent to The World’s Leading Luxury Hotel Brand: Shifting Customer Service to Customer Experience
    Noa Peri Jensch

    What is legendary customer service? And how does providing legendary customer service bring in more business AND keep employees engaged and excited? Even though Abraham was the patriarch of hospitality, we haven’t always passed down the best practices in being welcoming, meeting needs, being proactive, seeing complaints as opportunities to improve, evaluating our service, etc. In this program, we will look at what one of the world’s leading luxury hotel brands is doing differently from its competition by engaging employees and customers in a unique way. Join us to find out how your staff and volunteers can create legendary service in your organization.



    “Deb has been a respected speaker and facilitator for a number of our JCC conferences over the past few years. While I've heard about her energy, hard work in preparing, and meaningful content, it took her recent keynote speech at our annual JCCs of North America Professional Conference to make me realize what an incredible asset she is. Watching her present a content-filled, energetic, and personalized session -- without using any notes -- was very impressive. Deb is a multi-talented, serious, and impactful presenter."

    – Allan Finkelstein, Past President and CEO, JCC Association of North America

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