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    HBR Live: Giving & Receiving Feedback

    I partnered with Harvard Business Review for Live presentation on giving and receiving feedback effectively.

    Play the video to learn about:

    • The benefits and challenges of giving feedback
    • How to know when it’s the right time to give feedback
    • Debunking the infamous “feedback sandwich”
    • The 5 elements of a feedback conversation
    • How to receive feedback

    I also answered live audience questions, including how to soften the potential sting of constructive feedback.

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    “Deb has been a respected speaker and facilitator for a number of our JCC conferences over the past few years. While I've heard about her energy, hard work in preparing, and meaningful content, it took her recent keynote speech at our annual JCCs of North America Professional Conference to make me realize what an incredible asset she is. Watching her present a content-filled, energetic, and personalized session -- without using any notes -- was very impressive. Deb is a multi-talented, serious, and impactful presenter."

    – Allan Finkelstein, Past President and CEO, JCC Association of North America

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